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Japanese Magazines...

swap it or sell it!

Trade/Sell your Japanese Magazines!
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Get your japanese magazines here!

1. This is only for Japanese magazines- unrelated posts will be deleted
2. Sell or swap a mag but DO specify which of the two you want to do- if you want to do either- state that as well
3. LEAVE FEEDBACK- at the end of a trade/swap send an email to jmagswap@gmail.com and include the following:
+ username of other party:
+ your username:
+ positive/neutral/negative and reason (optional for positive feedback; negative feedback MUST have a reason)
all feedback will be posted at jmag_feedback
4. More than 2 negative feedbacks will get you banned
5. Keep images to a decent size (500x500 is large enough)
6. Anything beyond a scroll and a half goes behind an LJ-cut:
<lj-cut text="">
put the text you want the link to say in between the ""
if you leave it blank it will read as "read more..."
7. Multiple posts of the same magazine/website are limited to one a week.

feedback/comments/suggestions: jmagswap@gmail.com
want to check your feedback? go to jmag_feedback